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Diversity Statement

Nichols & Co. (Accountancy) Limited offer an inclusive and diverse working environment both for staff and clients.  We welcome people from all backgrounds.   We currently have a very diverse mix of staff employing a similar number of male and female staff, both in senior and junior positions.  We have a mix of ages of staff and employ a mix of people from Christian, Jewish, Muslim and Sikh backgrounds.

We will monitor diversity on a biennial basis as required by our regulatory body ICAEW.  This will be carried out using a third-party organisation to ensure our staff’s confidentiality.  Once the results are available, we will publish these figures on our website, bench mark our firms staff diversity against other published information and consider if there are any areas in which we can improve.  We will include any such areas in our business plan to address any inequalities.  

Nichols & Co. (Accountancy) Limited always aims to treat everyone with respect, consideration and for each employee to feel respected and able to give their best.

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