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Perry Nelson

I’d like to thank you for taking me on board at Nichols & Co. I was 18 years old when I joined and fresh from college. Despite my lack of experience and qualifications at the time, you still decided to invest in me. During my time there I gained very valuable accounting experience.

There is a definite family ethos with the staff at Nichols and I was supported whenever I needed help, either professionally or even personally. The firm manages to strike a good balance between a professional, yet pleasurable working atmosphere which I feel is massively important, not only for team moral but also in dealing with clients.

I very much enjoyed my 6 years at the firm and I have since then pursued a career in media accounting industry. I couldn’t have done this without the experience and knowledge I gained working at Nichols & Co.

I will definitely stay in touch and wish everyone at Nichols & Co all the best.

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